¿Te estás perdiendo al cometa NEOWISE? [FOTOS].

El cometa NEOWISE, (que en realidad aún no ha sido bautizado manera oficial) ha podido ser observado durante varios meses. A continuación les dejamos algunas fotografías que han realizado profesionales y aficionados.

Cometa C/2020 F3 visto desde la Estación Espacial Internacional. Credito: NASA/ ISS.

El Cometa NEOWISE se ha vuelto más brillante en los cielos antes del amanecer del planeta Tierra. Desde la órbita baja de la Tierra, también se eleva ante el Sol, capturado por encima del resplandor que se aproxima a lo largo del horizonte oriental en esta instantánea de la Estación Espacial Internacional el 5 de julio. C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) es un cometa de periodo largo (es decir que poseen órbitas de más de 1.000 ua), que fue descubierto el 27 de marzo de 2020 por el telescopio espacial NEOWISE.

Cometa NEOWISE sobre Líbano.
A medida que el cometa NEOWISE se convirtió en uno de los pocos cometas a simple vista del siglo XXI, se corrió la voz rápidamente, y el cometa ya ha sido fotografiado detrás de muchos sitios famosos y ciudades de todo el mundo.
Crédito de la imagen: Maroun Habib (Moophz).

Nubes noctilucentes y cometa NEOWISE.
Estas olas azules plateadas que se lavan sobre un horizonte arbolado en los Alpes franceses orientales son nubes noctilucentes. Desde lo alto de la mesosfera del planeta Tierra, reflejan la luz del sol en este paisaje antes del amanecer tomado el 8 de julio.
Crédito de la imagen: Emmanuel Paoly

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Wow! Comet NEOWISE was incredible last night! I made my way to skies that were a bit darker than my last time out. When the comet peaked over the horizon, I went through that same super excited sequence of kind of freaking out and then trying to take as many photos as possible in the short window it's visible. This time, I arrived well before time and picked out my spot that I hoped would line up. There are so many awesome rock formations in Joshua Tree, but to me, nothing is more iconic than the tree itself. I was lucky enough to find two trees that would work and had my gear all ready to go. I ran back and forth to see which one I liked better as it first became visible and then committed to making sure I got the shot. Because the Moon is still so bright, I took shorter exposures and stacked them to help bring out as much detail as possible. I ended up stacking just over a minute worth of exposures for the sky. I had found a tree earlier that would work without having to take a separate image for focus, but I was worried it would be too small in the frame. So, I picked this tree and refocused as soon as my sky images were finished, so the tree and foreground would be sharp. I updated my post on how to find and photograph the comet with some of the most common questions I've received. There's still a link in my profile and I'll throw a link in my stories as well! It's been so awesome getting to hear back from people that have made their way out and came back with some awesome memories and amazing photos, too! Can't wait to see more!! A7RII – @sigmaphoto 105mm f1.4ART @Dell XPS 15 9500 #cometneowise #comet #sigmaart #dellxps #doneonadell #wheninrhone #adventureworthy #joshuatreenationalpark #joshuatree

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Every so often, you have a night under the stars that you just know will stand out in your mind forever. This was definitely one of them. Comet NEOWISE was absolutely unreal. I think I managed to finally fall asleep around 11:30 or so and woke back up at 2AM to head out. I made a cup of coffee, tossed my gear in the jeep, woke up Kona and we made our way out. Crazy winds made it impossible to shoot the first two places I had in mind, so I was really excited this one worked out. I was rushing at the first two locations so much that I didn't really look at the sky. I was hoping to get set up before the comet cleared the horizon and my plan was quickly blowing away with the wind. I finally got to the third location and knew it might be a bit more blocked from some of the winds. So when I got a little bit down the trail and finally looked up, I nearly stopped in my tracks. I couldn't believe how incredible the comet looked. I gave Kona a couple of excited pets and got right to setting my gear up. I had to hang my camera bag from my tripod to help keep things steady, but it worked out. Each time an exposure finished, I couldn't believe the back of my camera. I'm honestly still at a loss for words a bit. I ended up stacking about 16 exposures to clean the image up and pull out as much detail as possible. If you don't have plans to see the comet yet, get to it! You don't want to miss this and it might only be visible for a few days! If you need help finding the comet, check the link in my profile or send a message! Good luck heading out! If you've already made it out, let me know!! A7RII – @sigmaphoto 105mm f1.4ART @Dell XPS 15 9500 #cometneowise #comet #sigmaart #dellxps #doneonadell #wheninrhone #adventureworthy

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Las colas del cometa NEOWISE.
El cometa C / 2020 F3 ahora está barriendo los cielos del norte. Sus colas en desarrollo se extienden unos seis grados a través de este campo de visión telescópico, registrado desde Brno, República Checa antes del amanecer del 10 de julio.
Crédito de la imagen y Derechos: Miloslav Druckmuller.